Here at BraveGen we are proud to provide the Forest Industry Safety Council (FISC) with the software used to administer the Safetree Certification Programme. This programme is focused on raising Health and Safety standards and awareness across the Plantation Forestry Industry. We recently had the opportunity to speak with a Michael Green, a field auditor within the Safetree Certification Programme, who shared some of his experiences of the programme: 

“I got involved with the Safetree programme so I could help forestry contractors across the country by sharing my knowledge and experience in the industry. I have been involved in audits from Invercargill to Kerri Kerri and have seen the value that they add to the guys on the ground. Our conversations aren’t just tick box exercises, but ways to problem solve and learn together. It is great to be able to help contractors, especially young ones new to forestry, by sharing experiences, knowledge gained and tools which can help them improve their businesses through a robust Health and Safety system. My experience in the field has been pleasurable and, I believe, added value, as I have had many comments with positive feedback from both contractors and workers both during and after the audits.”

We are delighted that with the help of our software and the administrative support we provide to FISC, these forestry contractors are growing and learning as professionals. This also aptly captures how our versatile IT platform has an impact in many industries, including Mining, Finance, Energy, Infrastructure, Government, and of course Forestry.

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