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At BraveGen, we are committed to bringing passion and customer focus to the business of corporate social responsibility (CSR) and compliance applications.

Our mission is to enable our clients to do more good for the world.

We do this by providing the management systems that empower teams to deliver beneficial outcomes and then help those teams measure and report those outcomes to internal and external stakeholders.

We are interested in helping our customers achieve their H&S, Environmental, or broader Sustainability goals, whether these be obligatory or voluntary.

Job Description

We need a switched-on and professional person to be focused on what makes our customers successful!

The purpose of the role is two-fold:

  1. Account Management: To coordinate the entire customer experience for BraveGen customers. This includes project managing software implementations (environmental compliance, health & safety, and sustainability) and then managing the ongoing relationship including regular account reviews and scoping up pieces of ad hoc consulting work.
  2. Programme Administration: Some of our customers are delivering entire programmes of work through the BraveGen platform. To support these customers, we need a detail orientated admin who can take care of things in the background and generally be two steps ahead.

You are!

  • Comfortable in front of demanding customers
  • Able to maintain multiple points of contact at customer organisations
  • Adept at keeping several plates spinning all at once
  • Technology savvy

You have!


A minimum of three years’ experience in roles that encompassed the following

  • Account management
  • Programme administration
  • Project management
  • Software implementation (non-technical)
  • Software training

Additional experience in the following areas strongly desired

  • Work experience in a SME environment
  • Have managed clients at medium to enterprise scale organisations
  • Supply chain methodologies
  • Business needs analysis
  • Software testing
  • Client identification and recruitment (sales)
  • Workshop facilitation

Core Competencies

You are particularly awesome in the following areas and when asked can provide specific examples from your past experience.

If you need more information on Core Competencies please see the full list at

Primary Competencies

These are minimum requirements to be a Rockstar in this role.

Customer Orientation

You put the customer first, listening to their needs to then quickly and effectively solve their problems. You present a cheerful and positive manner but can have the hard conversations when required.

Attention to Detail (Thoroughness)

You carefully prepare for meetings and are diligent about keeping clear notes. You also set up procedures to ensure a high quality of work and personally check the accuracy of what goes out.


No-one is in the dark because you have worked proactively to keep others engaged and informed. You are adept at multi-channel communications and can adapt to the styles of your various accounts. You are an active listener who can speak and write clearly.

Managing Change

You are open to personal change and continually strive to do things differently and better. You assist others through change by facilitating creative thinking, managing an orderly change process, and building personal rapport with those who may resist or feel anxious.


You have a “can-do” attitude and can effectively handle several problems. With a little guidance you are off and running, using good judgement to know when to check-in or ask for help.

Secondary Competencies

If you are our ideal candidate, you will also be strong in the following areas


You do more than is required and are typically two steps ahead. You can quickly identify what the situation requires. While you are comfortable taking independent actions, you do seek out others to understand their perspective when appropriate.

Diagnostic Information Gathering

You ask good questions and are unafraid to seek out those with the answers. You can identify the specific information needed to clarify a situation or to make decisions.

Interpersonal Awareness

You listen to what people say, but also observe the situation and their actions. You are adept in how you approach sensitive issues and generally put others at ease.

Teamwork & Collaboration

You support and recognize the efforts of others, helping where you can. You are comfortable giving and receiving feedback.

About BraveGen

BraveGen is a leading provider of enterprise cloud applications for environmental compliance, health & safety and sustainability data management and reporting. Founded in 2007, BraveGen delivers environmental compliance, health & safety and sustainability data management and reporting applications designed for the world’s largest companies, educational institutions, and government agencies. More than 600 organisations, ranging from medium-sized businesses to Fortune 500 enterprises, have selected BraveGen.

BraveGen is proud to be an equal opportunity workplace. Individuals seeking employment at BraveGen are considered without regards to race, colour, religion, national origin, age, sex, marital status, ancestry, physical or mental disability, veteran status, or sexual orientation.

We do not accept resumes from headhunters, placement agencies, or other suppliers that have not signed a formal agreement with us.

How to Apply

We want someone who pays attention to detail and is comfortable with technology. We also do most of our business over video and want to see if you can be professional on camera.

To apply, please submit the following:

  • An updated CV – not more than 2-pages.
  • A short cover letter – In your letter please provide at least one specific example from your past experience where you demonstrated one of the core competencies.
  • A short video posted online (youtube, vimeo, vidyard, etc) – Pretend this is the kick-off meeting with a new client. Introduce yourself and then teach us something. It doesn’t have to be software or technology related – how to draw a bunny rabbit is fine. Also, no bonus points for fancy visuals or editing. Grab your phone and shoot!

Please use the link above to apply. Include your CV, cover letter, the link to your video and title your email “BraveGen account manager application.”

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