Project Description

Waikato Regional Council

Waikato Regional Council can see their compliance situation in real-time at the site level, zone level and region-wide on any device.

Company at a Glance

Name: Waikato Regional Council

Industry: Public sector

Locations: New Zealand

Applications replaced: Inhouse systems

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The Waikato is the fourth largest region in New Zealand, covering 25,000 square kilometres. It stretches from the Bombay Hills and Port Waikato in the north down to the Kaimai Ranges and Mt Ruapehu in the south, and from Mokau on the west coast across to the Coromandel Peninsula in the east.


The Waikato region encompasses ten District Councils and a substantial land area. Each of the District Councils issues their own consents for the areas they administer. With such a widespread geographical area and so many other councils involved, the Waikato Regional Council (WRC) stormwater team needed a way to manage the hundreds of consents which are active at any one time.

  • WRC wanted to be able to submit compliance data via their mobile phones – even when there was no network available.
  • WRC wanted to link to documents stored on their own document management system.
  • And they needed easy access to summary compliance data for the team and reports for the management team.


Waikato Regional Council’s stormwater team selected BraveGen as their system of choice to manage their 250 consents. Some key requirements included:

  • Link to their existing document management system
  • Submitting compliance data via smartphone
  • Convenient reporting for their executive team

Waikato Regional Council can see their compliance situation in real-time at the site level, zone level and region-wide using the summary dashboards when they first log in.

  1. All consents and compliance information can reference documents in their inhouse document management system which uses a URL based address system. Simply copying those links in to BraveGen retains the link and a user can click on them and be taken directly to the document in their document management system.
  2. Viewing compliance tasks and submitting compliance data is available through any smartphone even when no network is available. Data is automatically synced with BraveGen once the network is available again.
  3. Instead of being bombarded with emails, staff are sent one email every week outlining instructions for the actions of the week. Notifi cations of any mid week updates are sent to the users phone.
  4. BraveGen was designed for minimal training of users. The executive team simply log in and are presented with a dashboard showing everything they need to see.