Module 2: Incident Procedures

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What Are They?

We have two high level procedures that step us through the key actions that need to happen every time an incident occurs.

  • Responding to Serious Events: anything that may be notifiable, requires immediate medical treatment, lost time injury, property damage that is moderate or above and near misses with the potential to cause serious harm or serious property damage
  • Responding to Non-Serious Events: minor injury, minor property damage (including equipment and product), near misses

Depending on the actual event not all steps will be applicable. Common sense and judgement will apply, but they should all at least be considered.

These procedures are not a complete list and there may be additional actions such as Drug & Alcohol testing that Team Leaders and Managers will also need to consider and arrange when required.

Incident Procedure Posters

Step One

Step Two

Step Three

Step Four

Step Five

Step Six

Step Seven

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