Module 3: How do we report?

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Health & Safety Online

Health & Safety is going online. All sites can now report incidents in real time through the Freshmax Health & Safety Portal.

The portal allows basic access to the Health & Safety system so you can report incidents, complete inductions etc.

Once an incident has been recorded in the portal a notification will automatically be generated via email to let the appropriate people know what has happened.

This does not replace the requirement to verbally speak to your team leader or manager at the time.

Step 1a: Launch the Portal

You can launch the Freshmax Health & Safety Portal on a mobile, tablet or PC by either, scanning the QR code or, typing the address in a Chrome or Safari internet browser.

Some sites may choose to nominate health & safety champions to assist the team with loading incidents and completing details.

Step 1b: Bookmark the Portal

After you have launched the Freshmax Health & Safety Portal for the first time you can bookmark it in your favorites’ or add it as an icon to the home screen of your mobile phone.


  1. Launch Chrome
  2. Navigate to site
  3. Press the three dots at the top-right of the Chrome window
  4. Press “Add to Home screen”
  5. Rename if you wish
  6. Press “Add”


  1. Launch Safari
  2. Navigate to site
  3. Press the share button at the bottom of the Safari window
    (It’s the box with an upward-facing arrow coming out of it)
  4. Scroll right and press “Add to Home screen”
  5. Rename if you wish
  6. Press “Add”

Step 2a: Sign In

Existing Users

  1. Click or press the “Are you an existing user” button
  2. Start typing your name or employee ID in the first field
  3. Select your name from the list
  4. Enter your date of birth in the second field
  5. Click or press the “Sign In” button

If your name doesn’t appear please speak to your manager so they can verify your details with Health & Safety and/or Human Resources.

Step 2b: Sign In

New Users

  1. Click or press the “Are you a new user” button
  2. Complete ALL mandatory fields
    • First Name
    • Last Name
    • Preferred Name
    • Email
    • Mobile
    • Date of Birth – your date of birth is required solely for the purpose of identifying you when logging into the Freshmax Health & Safety Portal
    • Freshmax Employee – yes/no
    • Company – select from the available list or choose “other” if not listed
  3. Read and accept the terms of use
  4. Click or press the “Sign Up” button

Step 2b: Select Your Site

Depending on which site or sites you work on you may only have access to a single site, in which case you will go directly to that sites menu. Otherwise you can select the relevant site from the list.

You will have access to your home location by default and once you have completed an online induction for other sites they will also then appear in your list of sites, where appropriate.

Step 3: Select Report

Select the “Report an incident” button from the menu.

Changing the incident type on the report screen will update the number of available fields that you need to complete.

A near miss for example requires much less information than reporting an injury or property damage.

Step 4a: Enter Details

  1. Site Name: this field will be pre-populated with your site name or if you have access to multiple sites the one you selected from the main menu.
  2. Specific Location: this defaults to the physical address for the selected site however you can change this to be a more specific area of the site such as ‘Dock 1’, ‘Chiller 2’ etc.
  3. Incident Type: choose the appropriate primary incident type from the available list. If you are unsure speak to your Manager or select the closest to what you think and it can be updated later if needed.
  4. Sub Type: choose the most applicable sub type from the available list.
  5. Date/Time: click the calendar button and select the incident date from the list, then click the clock button and select the correct hour. You can then click on the populated date/time and update the minutes as required. 
    This should be as accurate as possible.
  6. Reported By: this will default to the person logged in however you may change/update this if you are assisting somebody else to complete the report. To do this start typing the persons name and select from the available list.
  7. Add Person: You can add multiple people to an incident by clicking the “Add Person button. A new box will pop-up for you to complete.

Step 4b: Enter Details

  1. Person: start typing the name of the person involved then select from the list. You can add multiple people to an incident.
  2. Type of Involvement: for each person select how they were involved. They can either be the:
    • Instigator – directly caused or instigated the event 
    • Affected – involved through no direct action of their own 
    • Witness – saw it happen or the events either side
  3. Injury: if the person was injured tick the box. New fields will appear. In the “injury type” field select the injury type(s) from the available list. In the “body parts affected” field start typing the part of the body that was injured and select from the list. You can add multiple parts if required.
  4. First Aid Given: if first aid was given tick the box. A new field will appear. Start typing the name of the person who gave first aid in the “administered by” field and select the name from the list.
  5. Medical Treatment Given: if  medical treatment was required tick the box. New fields will appear. Type the name of the person who gave treatment in the “administered by” field  and the name of the facility in the “administered at” field.
  6. Save Person: once you have finished click save and the person will be added to the main report screen as a new badge.

Step 4c: Enter Details

  1. Add Person: the people you have added will appear as a badge on the main incident screen.
    Additional details in the next section.
  2. Incident Title: type a brief title for the incident. This should be short, sharp and to the point.
  3. Description: enter a summary of the incident, be descriptive and specific, include any initial actions that have already been taken. Remember the person reading your report may not be familiar with your site or role.
    • Who was involved?
    • What happened?
    • Where did it take place?
    • When did it take place?
    • Why did that happen?
    • How did it happen?

    This description is included in reporting so don’t use the word “I” as the person reading may not know who wrote it, use specific names.

Step 4d: Enter Details

  1. Property Damage: you can add multiple cases of damage do an incident by clicking the “Add Property Damage” button. A new box will pop-up for you to complete.
  2. Equipment Involved: enter any equipment that was involved or select it from the list.
  3. Attach Files & Photos: add files and/or photos. On a mobile phone you can click on this field to access your camera. On a computer you can drag files from windows explorer to be uploaded. Once you have successfully added a file/photo it will appear underneath with a green light next to it.

Step 4e: Enter Details

  1. What Was Damaged?
    • Equipment – if equipment was damaged such as a forklift select it from the available list.
    • Other – if the item that has been damaged is not in the equipment list or is something else type it in the “other” field.
  2. Property Damage Type: choose the appropriate type from the available list. If you are unsure speak to your Manager or select the closest to what you think and it can be updated later if needed.
  3. Cost: if the cost of damage is known this can be entered otherwise leave blank and the admin team can update it later.
  4. Description: add a brief description of the damage.
  5. Insurance Details: if there is an insurance claim involved this can be ticked to provide additional fields however this is more likely to be done at a later stage by the admin team.
  6. Save Property Damage: once you have finished click save and the property damage will be added to the main incident screen as a new badge.

Step 4f: Enter Details

Step 5: Submit

Once you have finished entering details submit the report by clicking the “Save” button at the bottom of the page.

You will then be taken back to the Main Menu and a notification will appear at the top of the page confirming the report has been submitted.

Manual Forms: Notification

In some cases manual forms (HS5F1) may still be the easiest way for the team to complete an initial incident notification.

Site management are then responsible for  ensuring that they receive and load these completed forms into the Freshmax Health & Safety Portal within 24 hours.

For serious events this should be done ASAP along with verbal notifications.

Manual Forms: Witness Statement

Witness statements (HS5F3) assist to put the pieces together during an investigation offering different perspectives on what actually occurred.

These must be completed for all Serious Events and also for any Non-Serious Events where there has been injury and/or property damage that is moderate or above or the potential to cause serious harm or serious property damage.

This should be done by ALL people who were involved and/or witnessed the incident.

Forms can be completed with the assistance of a team mate or manager but should be signed by the witness to confirm it is in their own words, true and correct.

Don’t expect someone who is seriously injured and/or in pain to fill out a form immediately. Take verbal notes if they are able or wait till a more appropriate time.

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