exhibitingfFor the first time, BraveGen is an exhibitor at the Tertiary Education Management Conference 2016.

TEMC is a joint venture of the Association for Tertiary Education Management (ATEM) and the Tertiary Education Facilities Management Association (TEFMA). In 2016, the conference will be held at the SkyCity Convention Centre, in Auckland, New Zealand from September 11th-14th.

The conference theme ‘reflects the ongoing challenges of the tertiary sector manager.  Our lives are filled with rhetoric; our roles necessitate reality. The theme of this conference aims to explore how tertiary sector managers – whether involved in facilities, faculties, central administration – work with the theoretical, persuasive and often motivational aspirations to inform our practice.

Daily, we enjoy the delights of working with exciting and often ground-breaking ideas and proposals, and rise to the challenge of making them happen, trying to create the reality to echo the rhetoric. However, out of necessity, reality may well look and feel different to the master-plan.

And with that comes opportunity. Plans change, new ideas sprout and then we’re off on a new path. Ideas get left, new ones begin – and there we are at the centre, making sense of it all, keeping the ship on the desired course, creating a new reality.

The world of a manager in the tertiary education sector is a fast-changing one… property developments, staffing restructures, innovations, collaborations ….. It’s important we recognise the opportunity in the rhetoric, and enjoy working with our colleagues to craft the reality.

Whilst there is no known magic formula, this conference will focus on highlighting the importance of collegial relationships and on-going development, demonstrating real examples of challenges, opportunities and innovation and will showcase successful strategies and outcomes.

Visit our stand at the SkyCity Convention Centre to learn how creating sustainability and a safe working environment for your organisation can be more than just rhetoric. For more information on sustainability with BraveGen, click here, or for Health and Safety Management, click here.