Supplier and Contractor Memberships

What We Do

Our Contractor Management Software System enables you to showcase to your clients
all your qualifications and regulatory information
supporting your commitment to safety excellence.

We streamline and simplify the prequalification process for you
and once signed up, there will be a number of helpful everyday tools
available to you within BraveGen.



Ensuring those existing contracts are renewed, through being qualified and remaining compliant through BraveGen.


Winning new opportunities through showcasing your safety commitment and qualifications to potential clients.


Benchmark against industry to promote best practices and drive initiatives to improve safety processes.


Show value through your commitment to safety, help your clients minimise disruptions and costs to their operations.


Receive a BraveGen Verification Badge for your marketing materials, for all to see.

The Process


An electronic invite will be sent to you on behalf of the Buyer allowing you to register with BraveGen.


Submit qualification data online.


Bravegen completes a desktop audit to score and verify your data. Options for field audits as and if required.


Data is validated. You are a verified Supplier.


Store and manage your contracts with your buyers and any relevant data. Become a Buyer to manage your own supply chain through BraveGen.

Join Today

Why Join BraveGen?

Contractor Compliance

Clients in all sectors are becoming more conscious of safety, not only within their own organisation but across all their operations.
They want to ensure that their suppliers and contractors meet their standards of safety, are qualified for the task.
To minimalise all risk to their business and your staff.

BraveGen helps you show contractor compliance in alignment with the client’s requirements.

Streamlined Process

Our software system streamlines the prequalification process. Storing all your compliance and regulatory information in one central location in the cloud, making it easy to access and supply, plus saving you time.
You can track your progress through the prequalification stage and can benchmark your business against industry standards.

Benchmarking gives you a starting point to create and drive initiatives thus improving safety across your business

Free Tools

Access our range of free tools once within the BraveGen Software to help your business collect and access data whilst in the field,
then manage it back in the office.
These tools will help you save time and allow you to access your data and information anywhere anytime.
Upgrade to manage your supply chain.

With the collection of data, you can start generating reports to support the safety compliance of your business