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BraveGen has unified enterprise carbon reporting, sustainability data management and reporting, community and social impacts and environmental compliance into one, seamless system for better business performance.

Enterprise carbon reporting

Community and social impact data

Environmental compliance

Sustainability reporting

Sustainability data management

Sustainability initiative tracking

BraveGen accurately diagnoses one of the biggest pain points in sustainability reporting and provides a viable, innovative solution…

Judge, Environmental Leader Awards

About the BraveGen Enterprise Carbon Accounting Software

BraveGen ECA software addresses the complex needs of every kind of organisation, from cities, to district and regional councils, nation-wide banks to multi-national telcos.

BraveGen enables businesses to adjust for emission factor, unit of measure and legal compliance differences at the local level, with regional and global business consolidation and roll-up.

Get unprecedented visibility of your business worldwide in real time, ensuring consistent, compliant management across the organization, locally and globally.

Enhanced Year End Close

Accelerate year end close of your carbon accounting by up to 70 percent* with

  • automated communications and notifications,
  • innovative data reviews containing all necessary information and analysis on a single page,
  • intuitive and collaborative approval processes from departmental heads to corporate heads to group heads,
  • qualitative analysis captured alongside quantitative analysis,
  • and quicker assurance reviews.

Support Multi-national, Multi-Subsidiary, Regional, Facility and Asset Level Operations

BraveGen gives a global view of data and reporting progress while subsidiaries can manage their operations at a corporate, facility or even asset level.

Global consolidation of data and insights drill down to division, subsidiary, regional, corporate, department, facility and individual asset level.

Manage inventory, data collection and review, emission factors, users, reporting and compliance at a global level and within each subsidiary.

All this while being able to drill down to the smallest detail in any subsidiary in only 3 clicks.

Track more than just emissions – a complete system

BraveGen is the only software you will need to track ALL your sustainability related data and the reporting of it across all your stake holders.

  • Track all your emissions related information from your core activity to emissions from your unique operations and regional variants as well as upstream and downstream impacts.
  • Track your Corporate Community Investment data including donations of money, products, services and management fees.
  • Track the financial aspect of each and every one of your Sustainability Initiatives by converting them in to individual business cases.
  • Track metrics related to your workforce, management structure, governance practices, organisational structure, health, safety, risk and environmental compliance.
  • Then reference all your diverse data in our Report Mapper for reporting across multiple standards and reporting programmes like GRI, CDP and LBG.
BraveGen emissions statement
BraveGen emissions benchmarking
BraveGen emission gas analysis
BraveGen emission Factor gas analysis
BraveGen corporate knowledge

Capture and Analyse Your Data and Your Corporate Knowledge

Your corporate knowledge is a precious commodity and should be treated as such. Its supply is abundant, but the ability to capture and use it is scarce.

  • Document all your data collection, approval and reporting procedures, contact details and tasks within BraveGen. BraveGen uses these as the foundation for automating your requests for data and commentary from departments and suppliers across your operations
  • Capture your teams commentary and analysis side by side with the actual numbers
  • Tag individual comments for corporate wide review following year end close,
    • “issues or recommendations” for continual improvement
    • “approvals or declines” of data reviews for data accuracy and
    • timeliness of responses to requests for data from your departments and suppliers at critical reporting periods of the year

Sophisticated features for the enterprise customer


Apply accruals to your year end data when delays experiencing delays in receiving data from suppliers or subsidiaries. Reverse the batch following year end reporting with full audit trails showing what happened.

Take Snapshots

Take snapshots of your full inventory at key moments in time including data, accruals and emission factors.

  • Lock in your data that was published at year end and other key moments
  • Run analysis on snapshots without affecting the live “transactional” data.

Emission Factor Management

Manage your emission factors (or let us manage them for you), their effective dates, individual gases, where they came from, who approved their use and where they are used in your inventory.

Data Copy Tools

Save hours of time with data copy tools. Generate data automatically like transmission and distribution values when adding electricity, distributed gas and water usage and generate monthly statistics like floor space, distance traveled, FTE and revenue based on defaults you set.

Manual and Automated Analysis

BraveGen provides sophisticated tools to analyse your information. From data analysis tools to an enterprise level Business Intelligence system. From emissions analysis to analysis of the accuracy and timeliness of your suppliers’ and their data.

Multiple user friendly options for entering data

Data can be brought in in it’s original file format and structure, through intelligent excel templates created by the software based on your inventory in BraveGen, through online forms that you can control and distribute automatically and directly in the web page.

Sophisticated Data Management

Data from your suppliers can be held in a quarantine area for checking and acceptance.

All data is entered as a unique batch that can be reviewed and reversed if necessary. Reversals leave a clear audit trail making it easy to trace what has happened.


BraveGen keeps versions of your data and emission factors for a complete, verifiable audit trail.

* Based on analysis of 2 reporting periods with National Australia Group

I like the fact that it manages each goal as a business case and requires a sponsor and a budget. This introduces a strong element of accountability to each process and presumably permits a strong oversight process by those in charge of getting the operational implementation accomplished and the reporting achieved in a timely manner. [ Read more ]

Judge, Environmental Leader Awards

BraveGen is ready for you.

Finance Leader

With BraveGen, you can drive efficiency, ensure compliance, make better decisions based on real-time insights, and keep up with business and regulatory changes from a single system.

BraveGen: Measure financial impacts of your compliance requirements

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Sustainability Manager

BraveGen helps you build great teams, engage your global workforce, discover opportunities for growth, and become a strategic partner to your organization with an intuitive, easy-to-use system.

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Environmental Manager

Ensure better compliance and access to information with our comprehensive environmental compliance tools and mobile app for compliance monitoring that works with or without internet connection.

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