Easy to use incident management software on any device.

Online and offline smartphone access
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Responsive product and support teams
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Give your workers the user experience they deserve.

BraveGen makes it easy for your team to find information, perform their tasks, and share results. Analyse, track, manage and report on incident-related data including accidents and near misses involving employees, the community and the environment.

With everything in one system that works across your devices, you gain complete visibility into your whole team – all from an easy‐to‐use incident management software built for the way people work today.

Engaging, insightful, and strategic to the entire business.

Inspire your people with an intuitive and familiar experience on any device.

Give managers the ability to quickly take action and respond to change.

Use one version of a single system across your entire organization.

Make better business decisions based on contextual insight.

Mobile incident reporting

Make it easy to use.

Capture incidents using technologies new and old like email, mobile app or even by good old text message or phone call. Technology that everyone is already familiar with.

A common complaint from users of incident software is “There’s too much information to fill in!”. With BraveGen, you decide on what information needs to be entered based on the type of incident they’re entering.

For a near miss, you may only require 4 or 5 things to fill in. For a property damage incident maybe 12 things. For a major incident, much more. You decide.

BraveGen also fills in what it can for you automatically. Your name, date and location to start with. But simply start typing in a drop down menu and it guesses what you’re writing. Enter 23 in a date field and hit tab and it assumes the 23rd of this month and year.

And then there’s the convenience of where to submit incident reports. Choose from the website, the BraveGen Mobile App or the BraveGen Self Service Kiosk for contractors, suppliers and visitors.

Mobile Incident Reporting – offline and online.

Using the BraveGen Mobile App, your workforce can log an incident on the iOS or Android phone.

Incidents can include photos, voice recordings, GPS coordinates and much more.

Incidents can be captured even when mobile data is not available. The phone will automatically upload the information for you when a data connection is re-established.

Automatically notify the appropriate people based on the workers’ team, location, incident type and severity and provide up-to-the-minute information all without leaving the site of the incident.

Assessments, Investigations, Reviews, and Corrective Actions.

Design your own post-incident assessments using smart forms. Manage investigations including the investigation team, witnesses and people involved with secure communications and documentation storage.

Corrective actions can be assigned to different parties with immediate notifications of their completion to one or more people.

Close incidents out with reviews and foster a culture of constant improvement.

Self Service Kiosk.

Enable your contractors, suppliers and visitors to report incidents with the BraveGen Self Service Kiosk, an easy to use web and mobile portal.

The Kiosk provides a way for your external workforce to submit and access information without needing usernames and passwords or and the need for training on how to use the system.

As well as submitting incidents the Kiosk can be used for

  • filling in smart forms
  • site information – contacts, documents, hazard substance inventory
  • create a personal ID to work with your company
  • check in / out
  • doing inductions for sites and skills
  • accessing site specific documentation like fire or asbestos plans
  • accessing material safety data sheets

Bullying and Harassment Reporting.

Provide your workforce with an anonymous and confidential reporting portal to report bullying, harassment, discrimination, drugs & alcohol, violence, inappropriate or unethical behaviour or for any other reason.

Messages are sent to one or more clearly identified staff members. All confidential incidents are excluded from normal incident reports and all details are only accessible to strictly controlled group of staff that you define.

Anonymous and confidential reporting is available in the BraveGen Mobile App, Kiosk and website.

Notifications and Alerts.

Have managers notified instantly of an incident via text message, the BraveGen Mobile App or email.

Configure notifications to go individuals or groups of people based on the location the incident occurred, the severity or type of incident, the team or business unit the affected person belongs to and line managers.

Dashboards and Reports.

Analyse, track, manage and report on incident-related data including accidents and near misses involving employees, site visitors, the community and the environment.

Information is displayed in a variety of formats tailored for your business. Team dashboards, management and executive dashboards. Reports on what needs to be, and has been externally notified.

BraveGen has report and dashboard building tools to meet all your reporting needs.

Mobile incident reporting
Mobile incident reporting
Geocoded incident reporting
Geocoded incident reporting

BraveGen is ready for you.

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