Easy to use, intuitive safety data sheet management software on any device.

Give your workforce easy access to your documentation
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Online and offline smartphone access to safety data sheets
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Safety data sheet dashboard

Ensure your workforce have easy, instant access to all your safety data sheets with a single version of the truth across the entire organisation. With unprecedented efficiency and accuracy for meeting accessibility requirements, transform inefficient manual processes into streamlined workflows.

Easy access

Your workers, contractors and suppliers can access your safety data sheets through the website, BraveGen Mobile App or BraveGen Self Service Kiosk using any device.

Offline access

If your mobile workforce is using the BraveGen Mobile App they can have access to all safety data sheets even without an internet connection. Our mobile app stores a local copy on their device.

Easy to update

Your library of material safety data sheets is managed centrally through the BraveGen website. Your admin staff can upload new and updated safety data sheets and have them automatically pushed to your workforce using the BraveGen Mobile app.

Links to your chemical and hazardous substance inventory and suppliers

Automatic two-way links between your chemical and hazardous substances inventory and your safety data sheets, supplier list and audits.

Link to in-depth, searchable information

Link your safety data sheet to a searchable information page containing PPE requirements, emergency contact details, GHS classifications, disposal requirements, suppliers and more.

Timely reminders of expiring and lapsing documents

Ensure your safety data sheets are always up to date by having key staff receiving reminders 12, 6, 3 and 1 month prior to documents expiring.

Automatic checking of supplier websites

BraveGen can automatically check the websites of your suppliers for updated safety data sheets and in some cases save a copy of the new document.

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