Build and deploy intelligent, feature rich forms for any device, that work online or offline and automatically sync back to the database.

Centralised Smart Form Management

Schedule your audits and manage corrective actions

Online and offline smartphone access

Conduct audits from anywhere on any mobile or tablet device

Consent dashboard

Improve your audits, inspections and logs with Smart Forms that are fully integrated with all your data in BraveGen. With unprecedented efficiency and accuracy for meeting audit and reporting requirements, transform inefficient manual processes into streamlined workflows.

Convert all your paper forms to Smart Forms

Convert your paper based forms to mobile friendly forms and share them instantly with your team.

Conduct your audits and inspections online and offline

Complete your forms no matter where you are. Your forms are synchronised back to the database automatically when a data connection is established.

Manage your corrective actions

Complete your corrective actions with your smartphone even when no data connection is available.

Smart Notifications

Get notifications of upcoming audits, completed and updated audits and corrective actions. You choose what to include in those notifications from any information in the completed form, including the annotated photos, audio recordings or any of the completed fields in your form.

Tasks can be completed on your smartphone with or without an internet connection and then synced later
Tasks can be completed on your smartphone with or without an internet connection and then synced later

Smart features

As well as check boxes and radio buttons, text fields and drop down lists, you can

  • grab your GPS coordinates
  • make voice recordings
  • write signatures
  • take photos and annotate them
  • create tasks and corrective actions for yourself or assign to others
  • add lists of attendees
  • share the form with internal and external stakeholders
Thermal annotated

Smart Fields

“Smart fields” provide drop down lists containing your data stored in BraveGen – people, assets, locations, projects, jobs and much more.

These smart fields automatically associate a completed form with that specific information in the BraveGen system.

For example, you will find

  • all performance reviews or SBO forms on a persons profile page
  • all site audit forms on a location page
  • all compliance monitoring checklists on a permit page
  • all contractor compliance forms on a contractors page
  • all maintenance checks on a asset page
Consent automatic geocoding

Smart design

A simple to use design canvas makes designing forms quick and easy.

Design your forms with fields sitting side by side and spanning different widths instead of every field under each other. On bigger screens like tablets and ipads this makes a form much easier to comprehend.

The form will automatically adapt to smaller screens by wrapping fields under each other instead of shrinking the text and fields so it’s barely readable.

Group fields in to sections.

Create information panels to compliment forms with guidance sections that can include formatting and pictures to assist the user. Great for inductions.

When exporting a form you can design the PDF header page with branding and important information including the response content of the form.

Consent automatic geocoding
Consent automatic geocoding

Smart data management

Data from completed forms sit in “Registers”. These excel like registers can be sorted, filtered, grouped, analysed and exported. Or simply click on one to see the original form filled in by the user.

Click the “Explore” button to have the BraveGen system automatically analyse the combined responses and generate graphs for you and then add your own.

Smart Collaboration

Export your responses anytime to excel or CSV for further data analysis , or export to PDF and share with your contacts. Or add a share button right in your form to send the form via email as a PDF to internal and external contacts.

Consent automatic geocoding

Get Creative

Design a form in minutes to make a searchable archive of your paper documents. A form with a photo field and a few thoughtful fields, like date, document type, title, the key person/location or asset’s name can help you index your archive so it’s easily searchable. Then simply take photos of your paper forms and fill in the fields and they’re stored and searchable in the cloud forever.

Design a form to record meetings with the voice recording feature. Add attendee lists, add discussion points, take photos of scribbles and notes on whiteboards and paper. Share the form afterwards with your attendees and absentees and have your audio file automatically transcribed in BraveGen.

The possibilities are endless……

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