Easy Integration With Your Suppliers and Secure Data File Uploads

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Data from external and internal systems
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Supplier Connect provides a fast and efficient way of integrating with your suppliers and importing data.

Flexible data file configurations enable non-technical users to maintain configurations for importing data files.

Review your data in a quarantined area. Automatically check for unusual variances in your data.

Data File Uploads and APIs

File uploads are quick and easy. Comments, notes and original files are all stored and related to a data collection task. Preset integrations and APIs are also available for system-to-system integration.

Easy Data File Configurations

SupplierConnect caters for a range of data file configurations negating the often time-consuming task of reconfiguring your existing data files to a standard format or type.

Quarantine Your Data

Data owners are automatically notified when data is uploaded into quarantine. They can then perform their review with the aid of historic data and approve, decline or query the data.

Secure Supplier Access

Have your suppliers do the file uploads and leave commentary. Schedule tasks to automatically email your requests. Emails contain instructions and foster a hands-off approach leaving you free to focus on data review and analysis.

Lookup Lists

Lookup Lists match imported data to your inventory. Match data based on supplier account codes, asset connection point identifiers, air travel destination codes and travel classes and much more.

Check Data for Anomalies

Automatically check for anomalies in your data such as significant variances from the previous month or breaching of thresholds you have set.

Task Driven

All data collection activity is task driven linking everything together from initial file submissions right through quarantine to batches to data reviews and sign off

Benchmark your suppliers

See which suppliers most often submit their data late or whose data most often gets declined in quarantine or even further up the approval work flow.

BraveGen is ready for you.

Finance Leader

With BraveGen, you can drive efficiency, ensure compliance, make better decisions based on real-time insights, and keep up with business and regulatory changes from a single system.

Sustainability Leader

BraveGen helps you build great teams, engage your global workforce, discover opportunities for growth, and become a strategic partner to your organization with an intuitive, easy-to-use system.

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